Weight Loss and Stay Fit

Health blogHealth is wealth but sometimes it curse to human life. So we have to conscious to our over weight. If we control our weight we can stay fit and lead a happy life. Here we can see some tips to loss our weight and stay fit.
1.    Set Up Mind: To loss weight firstly we have to set up our mind that I can do.
2.    Morning Work: Morning work is an effective way to loss our weight.
3.    Variation in Meal: Keep healthy we have to variation to our meals. We should take variants food in variants meal.
4.    Early to bed and early to get: It’s an old proverbs that “Early to bed and early to get” But it is most important to stay fit.
5.    Make a funny: If we want to stay fit sometimes we have to make a funny. Fresh mind is play a vital role to stay fit.
6.    Exercise with play: We should realize that exercise is not a hard work we can do it by any way but it should be a systematic way.
7.    Be punctual :ToLoss weight and stay fit  we have to lead our daily life in punctual way.
8.    Avoid tension about weight: Over weight is harmful to our health but it reduce a systematic way so we should be more realistic and avoid tens about it.
9.    Make a group: The another tips to loss weight we can make a social group who are want to fit.
10.    Slow and steady: We have to avoid the quickly way to loss weight and we should make a slow and steady way. For example firstly we can work for losing 5 kg than work for 10 kg.
11.    Reward Myself: After every small or big step we should reward myself that I have done it.
12.    Ensure enough sleep: To weight and stay fit we should take enough sleep. For a good health everyday one should take at least 8 hours sleep.
13.    Avoiding watching TV when take meals: Watching TV during meals is a bad hobbit so make a good health we should avoid watching TV during meals time.
14.    Make a routine : To loss weight and stay fit we can make a food routine and we should update  it day to day.
15.    Wearing Clean cloth: If we want to lead a healthy life and stay fit we have to wear a clean cloth and we should wash it regularly.
16.    Eat enough protein: To loss weight we have to eat enough protein.
17.    Drink enough fresh water: Drinking enough fresh water is a vital element to loss our weight.

From the above discussion we can say that losing weight is not a critical job if we follow some rules it is easy to us.