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How to delay menopause and still have children in your forties

We used to think that menopause was a process caused by a decline in the lack of immature eggs left in your ovaries. In reality, it’s more complex than that, the decline in eggs is more of a symptom of an underlying condition than an actual cause.

Female fertility depends on what we refer to as your ovarian reserve. Your ovarian reserve is regulated by a hormone known as Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA levels decline gradually as we age. At some point, typically in our forties, our ovarian reserve begins to decline rapidly in response to our low DHEA levels. As a result, women become infertile, the ovaries degenerate and cease to produce estrogens and other hormones that keep our body youthful.

Women who suffer fertility problems in their forties often find that their ovarian reserve, the number of eggs they have left, is too low to have a good chance of bearing children. There is however a solution to this, by supplementing Dehydroepiandrosterone.

A very smart and eager woman who suffered fertility problems due to her advanced age one day read through the scientific literature, looking for a solution that would allow her to use her own eggs to have children. She found an old paper that looks at supplementing DHEA. She began to take DHEA daily and her egg count gradually increased over the months, until finally, she could have IVF with her own eggs and gave birth to a healthy child.

Cheating nature is of course not without risks. Because not a lot of women have done this so far, we’re not really sure what the long-term effects are going to be. Nonetheless, for some women this is a great option, DHEA is prescribed in roughly 25% of IVF clinics now.

Staying young with DHEA

Because DHEA has the effect of keeping our ovaries active, it also delays many of the undesirable effects of aging.

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Take a look for example at British fashion journalist Caryn Franklin. To stave off the effects of aging, Caryn Franklin takes a daily supplement of DHEA. She is 57 in this image, but she looks much younger. What betrays her advanced age is the color of her hair, the near absence of wrinkles on her skin suggests she is younger than she actually is. Look at the image below where I dyed her hair and notice how she might as well have been in her late forties:

caryn franklin darker hair DHEA

With the potential for undesirable side-effects kept in the back of your head, you may want to consider taking DHEA as a supplement yourself. Luckily, it’s for sale on Amazon without a prescription, because it is regulated as a dietary supplement. A good dose to start with is 25 mg per day.

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