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How to cure low libido in men

Many men suffer from a low libido or from weak erections. There are various solutions commonly marketed out there. A very popular one is Viagra, which is not as benign as it might seem. Regularly using Viagra actually worsens the problem.

Instead, take a look at the following steps:

Find out the root cause of the problem

Often this takes a bit of introspection. What exactly changed in your life since you didn’t have libido problems? Has work gotten more stressful? Have you gained a lot of weight? Have you perhaps started eating a less healthy diet? Are you simply no longer as attracted to your significant other as you used to be? Are you simply anxious about the deed? There can be many contributing factors.

Work on addressing the root cause

You don’t always need a doctor to solve problems like these for you. In fact, it’s in everyone’s best interest if you take non-life threatening problems into your own hands as much as possible, instead of burdening our already overburdened medical system. A doctor can’t look into your head. You alone know best whether you feel anxious when you seek to be intimate or whether your work environment makes you miserable.

Is the root cause mostly physical?

Do you regularly masturbate without any problems, but do you suffer problems or lack of interest when you’re intimate with your spouse? Then the root cause clearly isn’t physical. Do you have normal strong nightly erections? Then the root cause isn’t physical either. If the answer is no to both answers, then the problem is likely to be physical.

Body fat and what it says

How does your body look? Do you have a high body fat percentage? Where does the fat accumulate? Does it mostly gather around your stomach and are you balding rather rapidly? You might mostly be suffering from a poorly functioning cardiovascular system. This is a common and relatively easy problem to solve. A good solution to this is to start eating healthy and start exercising more.

The best exercise to do is jogging. Try not heating your house, your body will burn significantly more calories. When it comes to eating healthier, try eating more fruit and vegetables. Remove white flour from your diet where possible, replace it with whole grains. Get rid of most red meat in your diet. Eat fish instead of land animals. Eliminate all food that has no real nutritional value, like candy. Don’t listen to people telling you to avoid “gluten” or “carbs” or “HFCS”. There is no magical ingredient to avoid, you become overweight due to an overall lifestyle problem.

Are you fat, but does the fat mostly gather under your skin and do you also have rather fat legs and an overall feminine fat distribution? Do you suffer depression? Do you have relatively little body hair, compared to most men of your age and ethnicity? If you answer yes to most of these questions, the problem may be deeper, it may be a hormonal problem. In this case, it would generally be recommendable to visit a doctor and receive detailed tests.

Physical problem yet no weight problem

The problem can be physical, yet you may appear perfectly healthy on the outside. A common problem is lack of sleep, which crashes a man’s testosterone. Try going to bed early, at around 11 AM. You can’t fall asleep at 11 AM? Stop staring at screens at 10 AM, the light keeps you awake. If you’re lying in bed with too much energy to sleep, step out, do push ups. When you’re physically tired, you’ll be able to fall asleep more easily.

Do you never go out in the sun? Direct sunlight is very healthy for us, it doesn’t just generate vitamin D, it lowers our blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide into our blood, which causes our blood vessels to dilate. You know what else requires dilating your blood vessels? You guessed it.

Do you suffer from skin problems, like acne? You might have a vitamin A or zinc deficiency, which can also express itself in libido problems. Do you also feel tired a lot? Again, an indication that you may be suffering a nutrient deficiency of some sort. You may want to have a doctor take a look at it. If you suffer low zinc in your diet, a great solution would be to start eating raw oysters. You need very few to meet your daily zinc requirements. If you suffer vitamin A deficiency, start eating organ meat, or start eating pumpkin and sweet potato.

Do you suffer from mental problems, like depression, low self confidence, anxiety and confusion? Low testosterone may be a cause. Usually, low testosterone will reveal itself in the form of weight problems and a feminine fat distribution, but this is not always the case. If this is the cause, a poor sleep schedule is a likely contributor. Other factors that can contribute are nutrient deficiencies, lack of sunlight and problems already present at birth.

If you do suffer low testosterone, raw oysters may be a viable solution. Oysters contain not just Zinc, but also other relevant nutrients, like NMDA and D-Aspartic Acid, which encourage the body to release signals to stimulate hormone production. The effects of oysters probably can’t be blamed on one single ingredient.

Is the root cause mostly psychological?

Psychological and physical problems are usually not a black or white matter, often the two are related. If you feel anxious around sex, but suffer abnormal anxiety in other areas of life too, there is likely to be an underlying physiological factor to your problems. There may be a genetic factor, which doesn’t mean however that it can’t be treated.

If you are a naturally anxious person, but also suffer premature ejaculation, there is a definite physiological role we can pinpoint: Low serotonin levels in your brain. A simple solution is to take anti-depressants, but I would recommend against that as it has numerous side-effects. Instead, there are natural solutions to low serotonin levels. Solutions on what to do about low serotonin in your brain can be found on many places online, but I will cover some of these as well myself, in another post, so please be patient.

If your anxiety is solely in regards to sex, it’s time to do some serious soul-searching. Have you ever had traumatic experiences surrounding sex? Do you genuinely trust your partner? Do you feel afraid of looking foolish to them, do you feel afraid of disappointing them or harming their own fragile self-esteem?

Do you perhaps feel as if they are not reliable, that they might simply leave you when they’ve had enough of you, or secretly have another sexual partner? Scientists believe that erection problems in men may actually be a mechanism the brain uses to keep a man from accidentally raising another man’s child. If you never had sex with a woman who you don’t trust, it can’t be your fault when she suddenly gets pregnant!

Sometimes, the answer to your problem is as simple as trying to improve your relationship, or learning to deal with the unfortunate reality that the person you are with may just not be the ideal partner for you.

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