garden cress seeds asthma

How to treat Asthma naturally

Many people these days have asthma. Like many of our modern ailments, one factor in the modern asthma epidemic is our poor diet. Another important factor is the tremendous increase in air pollution in many places, that has the effect of harming our lungs.

Few people realize however, that there is a natural effective solution that has been known about for a long time now. That solution is garden cress seeds. Garden cress might be known to you for having a mild peppery taste, but its seeds have a significant healing effect on bronchial asthma when asthma sufferers take one gram daily.

Powdered garden cress seeds are definitely worth trying out. My suggestion would be to buy some in bulk at a low prize. You can buy a year’s supply worth of garden cress seeds on Amazon at a very low prize. Try this out for yourself and see whether these humble little seeds help you feel better!

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